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Download trailers-movie clips (quicktime movies[.mov files], Flash Video Files [.flv]) from,, sites and from many others.

NOTE: For, only the stream link file is catched. Because, stream downloading support does not exists in our project, yet. But if somebody has an idea, he/she is welcome. We use C#.

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History [Download Trailers] (Windows):

2.2 (Coming soon - Thanks to Pavels Nikolajevs ):


-fixed, bug on hd trailers page.

-Trailer listing, and catching all information (images,description.)

- Playing the trailers.

- Going for being a trailer manager :)


-Using internet behind a proxy server was a problem. Now the proxy server support added. (Thanks to Marian Boricean for testing)

-Site Authontication Added. (For web web sites that requires it.)


-Basically the same as first version, but easier to work with, and the best thing it work :).



-Basicly the same as 2.0, but was written in Visual Basic 6, and because changed its web site code, this verion is obsolete now, And do not exists on


History [Download Trailers] (Other):

"Download Trailers" uses mono (which makes it platform independent) on other platforms. But mono has some things to do for .Net 2.0 (at least for Windows.Forms), so Download Trailers platform independent version was rewritten in .Net 1.0.

So , that is to say, if any one want to use this programs to run on Linux etc, he/she can help converting. The source code is available. I will make affort to do so, but I have limited time.


What is Next:

1) downloading from other movie clips hosting site, for example,


If you have any suggestion or ideas, look here



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DownUtube (DownUtube 1.0 - SOFTPEDIA "100% FREE" AWARD)



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